Friday, December 28, 2007


check out my cool new shades

Oh geez, another present, well if I must

a quick shot with my folks but ready for a nap!


She loves me a whole bunch!

I love helping Mommy in the kitchen! I'm very good at cleaning out the cabinets for her.

Nothin like Family Love!

My PawPaw is the greatest! He loves playing with me!

Gammy and I cheesing for the camara.

Poppa Dave, Nana and me taking a break from presents.

These are 2 very special ladies in my life: Gammy & Nana. Don't we look good in red?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Silly Face!

Pink Hair

How do I look with pink hair?

Off for more after Christmas shopping...

Sleepy me...

No more pictures mom and no more presents - I AM TOO TIRED!

Twas the Night of Christmas

Here was the final product. Stockings were empty, presents unwrapped; and I in my bed for a very long nap!


Now this thing is cool!

This one was my favorite!

PawPaw are you watching me?

And I'm only 11 months old....wonder what I'll get next year?

Mommy & Daddy

A Christmas kiss with Mommy!

Daddy and I getting ready to play with more toys!

Lovin with Nana & Poppa Dave

Yay for Christmas time!!

hmmmm, let me check you out for a minute.

You sing Nana

Lovin on my Gammy & PawPaw

Daddy & Gammy sharing some Christmas lovin'

My PawPaw, he lets me do anything!

Cheesin' with Gammy & PawPaw!


I hit the jack pot this Christmas!!

Hey can I have a present now?

Santa ate all my cookies and drank up my milk!

Home for Christmas

Sammy and I squeezing in a little nap on the ride home.

Did someone say Christmas present?

Christmas Eve

My first gift! It was books, my favorite!!

Great Paw Paw Sam

Looks like my Great Paw Paw has his hands full! He says we get our good looks from him.

Big Family Christmas

My Great Paw Paw, Nana, Mommy and myself!

Aren't Taylor and I the cutest babies you've ever seen?

Daddy was ready for the eatin'

My cousins Meghan & Melanie! And my Great Aunt Susie making me laugh!

Hey wait, where is everyone going? I'm still playing!

I had Nana laughing over this balloon - who knew they were so entertaining!

PawPaw Johnson

I love remote controls!!

Oh Please!!

Dear Santa, Please let all these presents be mine!

Waiting on Christmas

I love playing at the back door and putting my face on the glass.

Cleanin out the Fridge

Well since Mommy won't let me play with the salad dressings, I'll just take my juice cup!

Monday, November 26, 2007

"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree"

Here's what we picked out for our 1st Annual Christmas Tree Hunt, then Daddy cut 'em down.

A shot with Mommy & Daddy. Brrrrr! It was COLD out there

Time to load 'er up!

Now all that's left is the decoratin'! I'll update you soon on the finished product, but for now let me just tell you I was covered in sap from playing under the tree during the decorating!