Wednesday, January 23, 2008


It just started snowing here on Jan 19! Mommy was so excited, she was itching to get me out there and build a snowman! But, I had to sit and watch from inside because I was sick, and it sure was pretty!

Here is from the front about 8:00 that night. We got a pretty good amount! I hope it snows again soon and maybe I can actually play in it next time.

Dixie and Sammy sure did enjoy it. Dixie kept biting at it and walking funny. Sammy thought it was too cold and just stood there shivering. I just sat at the patio doors and watched with Daddy.

School Day!

Here I am telling Mommy about my 1st day at school...

On January 14th I started my new school, Apple Tree Academies! Let me just tell you about my first day...First, Mommy and Daddy drive me to this very strange place around 9:30am where I see LOTS of kids and other Mommys and Daddys walking children in. So then they take me inside to this classroom with lots of little babies - screaming babies but very cute. So I quickly begin mingling with the other kids my age and turn around to see Mommy with tears in her eyes and Daddy holding her hand. They give me a kiss and say "see you this evening". I spent most of the day looking for her because it's very odd to spend a day without Mommy. But, at 4:30, here comes Mommy with a big smile on her face, I waive to her and smile back. She quickly scoops me up and kissed me a bunch of times. Little does she know how much I enjoyed my day. I ate a grilled cheese sandwhich, vegetable soup and apple sauce. I took a 2 hour nap which is rare for me, but those kids wore me out! I listened and danced along to music. It was a very layed back day and I really enjoyed it! My teacher, Miss Carmen is super sweet and made me feel right at home.

I've been BUSY!

Hey friends & family! I'm back, sorry I have been gone so long! I have been very sick lately with an earache and a respiratory infection! No worries though, Mommy & Daddy are taking extra good care of me and pumping me full of these really nasty medicines! I have also started my new school recently! It's called Apple Tree Academies, but more about that later. I've missed everyone and I'm back in action as I am recovering from my cold!

Monday, January 7, 2008


Piggy Tails!

These are my first set of piggy tails! Still not much hair but it was a nice attempt by Mommy!

Brushin' my Tooth

Uhh, you want me to put this where?

Nope, not gonna happen. Since I got my 2 bottom teeth, Mommy & Daddy have started introducing this thing called a toothbrush. Just this past Friday my 2 top teeth came through. So, I'm guessing I'm gonna have to start using this toothbrush thing....that is if they can get it in my mouth!


This bath thing is sooo cool! I love splashing water all over Mommy & Daddy, they look pretty funny after bath time is over!

It's cold out here! Put down the camara and get me some clothes on!

On PawPaw's Shoulders!

Look at me, I'm tall!

Giddy-up Paw Paw!

Fun @ Home!

This is our big dog Dixie! I really love climbing on her.

I like getting my picture made!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My good pal Steve

I'm all smiles for the camara, and I just had a big supper!

Steve and I hanging out at Applebees