Sunday, February 15, 2009

Show Time at the Circus!

Dancin Horses


What smart Elephants!


I was all smiles for the circus! It was such a great show! I clapped, danced and yelled "yay" the whole time!

This was when they started bringing the elephants and horses out! They were soooooooo BIG! I loved it! And as you can see from my face - I was in quite amazement!

Look at all the confetti...

Tigers...they were pretty scary but very well behaved!

"awwwwww looook!" that's what I told Mommy and Daddy when I saw the elephants - Mommy, Daddy and I loved them the most!

Wow they were really talented!!

Next came the horses...

The clowns playing around!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Post-Op Updates!

Here's a picture of my little bandage from where I had my cyst removed. Everything went great this morning! My morning began with getting woken up at 5:15am so we could leave for my surgery. The whole way to Brenner's Children's Hospital I sang along with my Imagination Movers c.d. I was in a really good mood! I was greeted at the hospital by Nanny, Aunt Header, Gammy and PawPaw. My surgery was scheduled for 7:48am - so while I waited, I made a few friends with some of the other youngsters there who were awaiting their surgeries. I was called back - Mommy and Daddy went with me to get changed up and ready to get taken back with Dr. David. I met the anesthesiologist who kept picking with me getting me to give him high fives then was greeted by Dr. David who let me ride in a fancy little car back to the neatly kid decorated operating room. On the way back, I waived at everyone and gave everyone lots of smiles. I didn't even cry on the way back - I was too busy showing off! Within 25 minutes Dr. David called Mommy and Daddy to let them know I was all finished up and that she removed a cyst the size of a lima bean and a little bit of the bone that it was attached to. Only one parent is allowed back when you are in the recovery room - so Mommy came back to see me. I was snuggling with Tara, my nurse, who really fell in love with me. I didn't shed a tear - I saw Mommy and sat in her lap while she rocked me a little while and gave me some apple juice and before you know it, Tara was discharging us! We left the hospital about 9:30am and went out for breakfast because I was REAL hungry! I can't believe they didn't want me to eat or drink for that long of time! So my family and I headed on over to McDonalds where I enjoyed a lovely egg biscuit, hashbrown and some chocolate milk! It was a great day! Thanks for all your prayers! As Nanny said this morning - I woke up with angels dancing in my heart!

You can't even see it can you?!

I'm really funny!

It's the little things in life like decorating the play room walls with crayons while Mommy isn't watching, or hiding gummy bears under the living room rug so the dogs don't find them, and as you can see here - decorating my face with stickers, and pretending that the dog is a baby!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Painting Daddy's Nails

"Be till daddy" What little girls don't love having their nails painted? Well I thought Daddy would enjoy his painted too!

Very serious at what I do! As I painted Daddy's nails I told him what a good girl he was for being so still! Mommy got a good laugh out of it!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's "Nooooing" Mommy & Daddy

Last night we got about an inch or so of some "no" as I call it! Mommy decided we would go out and play in it - but that lasted about 2 minutes, because Mommy and I dislike cold weather! But it was pretty to see from our patio.


Mommy and Daddy said I'm definetly in the terrible 2's already! I beg to differ!

I had a very HAPPY HAPPY birthday! Who knew turning 2 could be this much fun! I laughed and laughed and I think everyone got a kick out of how funny I was being so bossy! I guess I get it honest... Thanks to all my family and friends who came! And thanks for all my birthday presents! I love each of you very much!!

Don't I look fancy in my princess skirt, hat, birthday shirt and my "I'm 2" button!

Enjoying some of my yummy Dora birthday cake!

Superbowl Sunday!

My birthday happened to fall on Superbowl Sunday but I think I'm much more fun than some football! Don't you think?

Go Steelers!


All for me!?

I insisted that Taylor sit with me on my new Dora couch from Shannon! She helped me open up my presents!

My cousin Triniti and I spending some time together while I read her a book.

I really enjoyed spending time with my cousins! And I think they enjoyed playing with my new toys too!

Cake Time!!!

Mommy had to help me blow out the candles!

YUMMY!! Dora cake! Or should I sing the Dora song again!?

Happy Birthday to me!!

Playtime with my "Wittle" cousins

Taylor and I love pushin' each other around in this walker

Trace and I posing for the camara!

Ok let me see if I can get this baby in here with me.

Lots of Huggin' & Kissin'

Mommy don't you just love my kissses!?

Pucker up Mommy - I'm comin' in for a smooch!

Aunt Heather and me! I was gettin' sleepy! This party wore me out!

Daddy and me gettin' ready for the presents!

Hangin' out with Family on my Birthday!

Aunt Susie and I hangin' out

Here I am with my cousins!

There's my cousin "Tay-Tay" who will be 2 in 2 months! We're really growing up!