Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

daddy's girl

A daughter and her Daddy have a very special bond...a sweet and cherished love between one another.

Reese loves her Daddy.
I mean yes, Rylee loves him too. But Reese, she is crazy about him .

She loves for him to hold her. 

She loves when he plays with her.

She loves when he comes home.
And yes...she said "da-da" first, just as Rylee did...

And Reese, no other boy will love you like your Daddy does.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


had to post these precious pictures ....

this little stinker is a mess...seriously, she's into everything and only 9 months old! umm, should I be concerned?

we took this little beauty to the circus .... and she is still talking about it
(ah the joys of childhood)

I've threatened to get rid of this one...she keeps eating everything I cook! GRRRRR!!
Dear Lord, help me to love my dog even when she makes me mad. Amen.

this one is such a sassy  girl...just look at that face...and hand on hip...need I say more?

sweet Gammy and PawPaw came up bringing Valentine gifts..for the little ones to enjoy

Hope your day is filled with love!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Our days..

...our time is so precious together...

so we spend days playing games together...

playing with make-up and putting lots of it on (because every girl loves make-up)
side note: should a 5 year old be this in love with make-up? maybe not, but its all in good fun ;)

we draw pictures and marvel over our lovely artistic abilities

I read books and grab a quick snack while the little ones play

we paint and make "treasures"

basically, we cover the kitchen in all our craftings

we cook of our favorite family things

I sip hot tea...I take in the day.
I realize as tired as I may be, as messy as the house became, the toys scattered throughout, and the chores left undone...
we are making memories...

Happy Memory Making!

Monday, February 6, 2012

and then...she was 5

I began my blog when this girl...was 6 months old...and now, just look at the young lady she has become..

We celebrated her 5th birthday on Feb. 1...manicures, icecream, cupcakes, new clothes, hugs, and lots of giggles...I can't believe she's 5 now.
My word, when they say the years fly, they surely do.

Even Reese(y) baby got in on the fun as we made our own versions of balloon animals that turned out more like balloon blobs.
Nevertheless, it was enjoyable.

And then we partied...Rock-n-Roll style, that is.

With some special guests & lots of friends & family 

lots of yummy goodies from popcorn and rock candy, to veggies

a homemade birthday cake...because I'm loving this tradition
(I mean hey I'm no Ina Garten or Martha Stewart...but its all in fun)

a party just isn't complete without handmade, girly tutus
(seriously, easiest thing ever to make)

homemade chocalate and vanilla cupcakes with personalized cake toppers

And the birthday girl..

I love these little girls..

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my beautiful, my Rylee

Once upon a time....
my husband and I became...parents.. 

Little did we know how fast it all would happen.
3 wonderful years together, a long engagement, purchasing a house, college graduation.. and then...pregnancy unplanned pregnancy...

I was scared. I was so nervous. I wasn't sure I was ready to be a mom.
I didn't know the first thing about how to care for a baby.

So, I did what I do in any situation that I become nervous about...I prayed.
 I knew that this was God's plan. He would take care of me and my baby.

I remembered something my mother had always said since I was old enough to remember, "everything happens for a reason".

So, during pregnancy, I read every book about growing a baby bump, giving birth, and parenting that I could get my hands on.
I learned things I never even heard poop color, diaper rash, cord blood donation...I mean you name it, I read it.

And then, on February 1, 2007, I met the beautiful little girl I had been falling in love with.
I remember every moment about the day she was born.
The winter chill, the traffic on the way to the hospital, every family member rushing to meet the new baby, the sound of her first cry, the first time she looked at me, the blanket wrapped tightly around her tiny fragile body, and the first time I held her. is forever etched in my memory..

I remember our first night together - I snuggled her close to me and told her these words...
"my Rylee, I promise to always love you and care for you no matter what"

My heart was complete.
From the moment I first met her, I fell in love.
My first born. My daughter. My beautiful little Rylee.

...from a sweet angelic baby to a little diva rockstar...

Happy 5th Birthday Rylee!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

let it be spring?

Mk, this weather has got me so confused. I mean one day we are freezing to death because it drops to 40 degrees (call us cry babies, but that's cold to North Carolina folk) and the next its nearly 70.
I can't take it anymore.

Ok, so, since we are having spring weather...mine as well make the most of it!
umm, yes, exactly what we did. We enjoyed the spring weather.

This is Reese's first playground experience since she was born.
We had so much fun. Just look at those sweet baby faces with the sunshine beaming on them.

Sweet moments in the making...

If its snowing where you live, I'd love to hear about it, even see a picture, and just know that I am super jealous. However, I hope you are safe and enjoying the snow. ;)