Thursday, November 12, 2009

I love Dixie & Sammy!

As much as Dixie and Sammy seem to get annoyed with me – I keep them so entertained!

Halloween&D.C. 003

Halloween&D.C. 004

I take Sammy on walks often when it is nice outside! He’s just my size and loves going walking with me!

Halloween Fun!

For Halloween I was Thumbalina Barbie! I had sooo much fun out trick or treating!! We started the day by going to the Fall Fest at our Community Center! Aunt Heather, PawPaw, Gammy, Mommy and Daddy all came too! I rode horses, ate hotdogs and candy apples, and got to jump in Gigantic Inflatables! It was sooo much fun!! I especially loved riding horses! After that we went back home and had a big taco dinner with our neighbors. The neighbors across the street came over with their two kids, Gracie (2) and Caleb (3) and we had soft tacos, dips, enchiladas, hard tacos – IT WAS YUMMY! Later my friend Sophie (2) and her Mommy, Daddy and PawPaw came over to join us! We all went trick or treating together! Mommy had all of us dress up! Mommy was a flower with bees on her head, Aunt Heather was a bumble bee, Gammy & PawPaw were Prom Queen and King, and Daddy was a Notre Dame fan, Dixie (our dog) was a witch with green hair and Sammy was a little devil! Our neighbors dressed up too! It was fun! Around 6:30 we headed out to start the trick or treating!! You better believe I was sooo excited to get some candy!! I ate so many M&Ms along the way! Overall the night was soooooo much fun!! Now I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving!!

Halloween&D.C. 074  

Halloween&D.C. 058 Halloween&D.C. 015

Halloween&D.C. 066 Halloween&D.C. 075

As you can see, I was quite eager to get started with the Trick or Treating!!

Halloween&D.C. 071