Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sand, Surf and Sun!

The beach was a blast! Here I am eating at Yamato with Mommy and Daddy! They cook in front of you ~ and wow it was really something special to see! I ate shrimp, rice, and especially loved raw mushrooms!

This beach babe needs water!! Splashing in the ocean, building sand castles and chasing Daddy is a lot of work for me! I had to stay hydrated!

See the picture I took of Mommy and Daddy at the beach! I'm getting good with the camara.
Just Kidding!! Mommy and Daddy took this one!

Daddy and I saying a big CHEEEEESE at Firehouse Island grill.

On the carousel at the Pavillion at Broadway at the Beach! Then on the boats, which I did all by myself!! I had a wonderful time riding the toddler rides!
Mommy and I LOVE icecream!! So we just had to stop for some! Here I am riding the dairy cow before we went in.

The beach was heavenly! Just look at that view! Daddy and I sharing a moment together watching the sun set.
It was very windy and getting quite chilly on the beach!

Running through the sand to get to the ocean! The sand was OUCH OUCH OUCH HOTTT!!!

I like covering Daddy in sand while at the beach! I really got a kick out of the sand period! I had sand in so many places! Mommy is still trying to get it out of the car seats!

The ocean was too cold for Mommy and me. So we enjoyed dipping our toes in just enough to be numb.

That's our hotel behind us! We had a great ocean front suite with a big 'ol balcony! It was fun for watching the ocean waves.

Here I am with a little 16 month old girl named Lauren from Canada.  I made my way over to her towel and made myself quite comfy. We played in the sand together and really had a great time getting to know each other.

A Hot Day at the Zoo!!

Mommy and I went to the Zoo today! We had a great time!! I really enjoyed the giraffes and elephants!

The polar bear is always sleeping!!

I played for a while in the KidZone - it was super fun! I got to draw and paint on this huge chalkboard!

This giraffe is 32 years old!! In captivity they usually live about 30 years! She just had babies too! They were very cute!

After we toured Africa, we stopped for a bite to eat at Junction Plaza! I enjoyed my hot dog and cheetos! Then we were on our way to North America to see the bears, alligators, sea lions, and puffins!

I really love the carousel! I chose to ride the tiger!

"Look Mommy - the babies are eating their salad!"

This is Hondo, he's the head gorilla of his group. He came right up to the glass and tapped on the window at me. He was very sweet! One of the zookeepers told me that he is about 38 years old!

Don't worry it isn't real! I really loved the elephants. They were so cute and amazing! They kept spraying everyone with water while they were swimming in their pond!

Ok this one is real! Isn't he cute? She was getting ready to go for a dive!


This weather has been great lately! I have really enjoyed playing outside in my pool! Don't worry I will post some pictures of me in the pool soon! Here I am just taking a snack break after a busy day of hunting catipillars!
See my bucket of "Catipillows"?! I was showing them to Sammy. Then Mommy and I went to release them to the trees so they can build "cooons".

Easter Sunday

I was not having a good hair day!

But I tried to put on a smile for Mommy to get a good picture!

Aunt Heather and Nanny came over to play with me.

Look Mommy & Daddy!! The Easter bunny brought me BIG GIRL PANNIES!!! Yay!! And a cool new pink keyboard! Wow! ~ The Easter bunny gets better every year!

Having a quick pose with Mommy.

Aunt Heather really liked my rabbit ears, I just couldn't get them away from her!

Cousin Taylor's Birthday

My cousin Taylor had a lovely Princess Cinderella Tea Party for her 2nd birthday! It was so much fun! And the food was delish!! ~ I really enjoyed meeting Cinderella!

Taylor enjoys some of her cupcakes and tea!

Wasn't Cinderella beautiful!?

A hug for Princess Taylor!