Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm Back!

Hi Family & Friends! I know it sure has been a while since I have been online. Let me just say that I sure have missed you all! Don't worry, we will have internet at our house very soon so I will get some more pictures up so you can all see how much I've been growing.

Lots of things have been going on lately! As you know, Mommy started her new job at the hospital where she is working 3 nights a week. She loves it and the best part is - I get to spend all day with her! Things couldn't be better!

Our neighborhood pool finally opened up so Mommy and I have been spending lots of time there. I love swimming! I've already went under water 3 times (not by choice) - but it wasn't so bad! In the past month or so I have become a HUGE Elmo fan! Let's just say I dance and sing along to every song! Mommy & Daddy are probably getting sick of Elmo but not me!

Yes, as many of you are wondering, I'm saying LOTS of new things! Mommy & Daddy are trying to get me to sing the alphabet and count. I also make lots of animal noises too. OH! More big news, Mommy & Daddy have been trying the "potty training" thing with me the past 2 weeks! It seems like a pretty weird thing, I hear "Rylee wanna pee pee on the potty?" then we all run to my potty and I sit there while they stare at me waiting on something to happen. So I sit there and say "Pee Pee" then jump up and run to get a diaper. Maybe I'll figure out what their trying to get me to do eventually.

I will have some pictures up soon - I miss you and Love you all!
Hugs -n- Kisses!!