Thursday, August 26, 2010

to the airport...

My sweet Aunt Nancy left for Texas we met her, PawPaw Sam, and Cousins Jenny and Taylor at the PTI airport!

We had lunch out at McCalister's Deli...which is oh so yummy!

Mommy with my cute little cousin Taylor, who was sad that she had to go..I was sad too...I love spending time with her..

Taylor's mommy, Jenny, bought us special Little Pony coloring pads at the airport...we had such a fun time coloring in them...

I love family time!

our lovely environment...

I love to explore different things outside...bugs, spiders, flowers, birds, etc..etc... I just love outdoorsy things.. :)

This is our pet spider...yes I said pet...evidently, Doug, yes I know, this is getting weirder by the minute...But anyway, our pet spider, Doug, has been living outside the corner of our garage for about 2 weeks now. He works so hard to build his perfectly round web each night in the same spot. Mommy has wanted to "destroy" Doug for many nights now, but Daddy says "we can't just get rid of Doug, he takes care of the mosquitos that fly around"....again...this is sounding weird...then what's even weirder...Mommy and Daddy took a picture of Doug and his web (see above)...but it does show how amazing mother nature and her little creatures a spider, eh-em, I mean Doug, can do such spectacular work is just astounding!

Check out these beautiful flowers we picked from our flower garden out front! We absolutely love looking at them!

This is a little praying mantis we found out front, you can't really see here...but he's missing a leg... I think he's so cute...and no, we didn't name him...ha!

Friday the 13th...

For Friday the 13th {insert shrieks and screams here}...Mommy and I thought it would be oodles of fun to paint monster pictures, and play hide and seek in our Halloween costumes....We had soooo much fun scaring each other...and the furry children (also known as our pups) were going bizerk! Here are some of our pictures we painted...


So, I know what you're thinking: "she just looks so grown up", well yes I am growin' up. (insert your sigh here)
So for Halloween {yes I'm talking Halloween, which is 2 months away}, I am realllllllly wanting to be a cowgirl. So, last time I was staying with my Gammy and PawPaw, Gammy bought me this cowgirl hat. Then I got the boots, then the belt, and well the rest is history! ha! So far, I'm lovin the look!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

its DORA!! no, its SOPHI and ME!

This is my best friend Sophi! Many people say she looks like Dora! She is one cute girl! She is 4 months younger than I am! We argue like sisters but we love each other dearly! One of our favorite things to do together is dance!! Check out our moves!!

We started the evening with manicures and pedicures from Mommy...then after we were "all diva'd up", we began bustin a move!

See!? Can't no one do the monkey dance like us!!

And then we jump, jump, jump around, jump up, jump up and get down!

Next comes the clappin and shakin...

then the frog hoppin fiasco!

Sophi givin her best chicken dance...

oh man, I love this girl!! We could play for hours upon hours!! We laugh, we giggle, we cry when the other one has something that the other one wants, ugh, I digress; regardless, isn't this what best friends are for!? Sharing, fighting, and having a blast together!!

Snakes, Tigers, and Taylor...

My cousin, Taylor, and I had a blast at the Natural Science Center!! Just look at all that we saw!!

Taylor and I made sure we didn't miss one thing that day!

Take a look at this little Lemur! He only has 1 arm!! Poor little guy! But he didn't seem to mind! He was chowin down on the watermelons provided by the Science Center!

AWWW, is this big floppy rabbit not the absolute cutest thing you have ever seen?! And his fur! Oh my, how soft!! Sooo adorable!

YIKESS!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, your eyes are not playing tricks, this is indeed a real snake!! But he was super friendly! I pet him and so did my mommy. Taylor, like most girls are terrified of snakes. She did put one finger on it, kudos my dear cousin!! His skin felt soo smooth!! Do you think my mommy will let me have one of these?? I'll have to find the perfect time to ask....wink wink!

My cutie pa-tootie cousin Taylor, her mommy, me and my mommy went to the Natural Science Center last Wednesday! Boy, was it oodles of fun! It was Watermelon day! So cute! All of the animals, (yes all) tigers, horses, birds, goats, sheep, monkeys, lemurs and wolves were eating watermelon. Even Taylor and I had some, it was oh so delish!! We got some on our shirts but our mommy's didn't care! It was hot as...well something that is really really really hot, outside! We were sweatin like little stuffed pigs!

Both of us were interested in much more than the much to see!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Momma's Bday

Mommy's lovely cake from Daddy! Daddy did a good job! Mommy loved it!

Saturday night, we went out to dinner to celebrate my Mommy's birthday! Also, I'm half a year older now! We went to eat at Kabuto and had a delicious dinner! I even used chopsticks folks!

Mommy, and Aunt Heather, and Nanny met for lunch on Sunday at Macarroni Grill...

We had a yummy dinner...I was a little afraid of the fire (you know..when they cook in front of you at the table...the cooks apparently think its really cool to scare the heeby-jeebys out of the guests by lighting various foods on fire...I, however; would like to suggest that thier pyromania antics are not funny).