Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Momma's Bday

Mommy's lovely cake from Daddy! Daddy did a good job! Mommy loved it!

Saturday night, we went out to dinner to celebrate my Mommy's birthday! Also, I'm half a year older now! We went to eat at Kabuto and had a delicious dinner! I even used chopsticks folks!

Mommy, and Aunt Heather, and Nanny met for lunch on Sunday at Macarroni Grill...

We had a yummy dinner...I was a little afraid of the fire (you know..when they cook in front of you at the table...the cooks apparently think its really cool to scare the heeby-jeebys out of the guests by lighting various foods on fire...I, however; would like to suggest that thier pyromania antics are not funny).

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