Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Snakes, Tigers, and Taylor...

My cousin, Taylor, and I had a blast at the Natural Science Center!! Just look at all that we saw!!

Taylor and I made sure we didn't miss one thing that day!

Take a look at this little Lemur! He only has 1 arm!! Poor little guy! But he didn't seem to mind! He was chowin down on the watermelons provided by the Science Center!

AWWW, is this big floppy rabbit not the absolute cutest thing you have ever seen?! And his fur! Oh my, how soft!! Sooo adorable!

YIKESS!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, your eyes are not playing tricks, this is indeed a real snake!! But he was super friendly! I pet him and so did my mommy. Taylor, like most girls are terrified of snakes. She did put one finger on it, kudos my dear cousin!! His skin felt soo smooth!! Do you think my mommy will let me have one of these?? I'll have to find the perfect time to ask....wink wink!

My cutie pa-tootie cousin Taylor, her mommy, me and my mommy went to the Natural Science Center last Wednesday! Boy, was it oodles of fun! It was Watermelon day! So cute! All of the animals, (yes all) tigers, horses, birds, goats, sheep, monkeys, lemurs and wolves were eating watermelon. Even Taylor and I had some, it was oh so delish!! We got some on our shirts but our mommy's didn't care! It was hot as...well something that is really really really hot, outside! We were sweatin like little stuffed pigs!

Both of us were interested in much more than the much to see!

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