Thursday, August 26, 2010

our lovely environment...

I love to explore different things outside...bugs, spiders, flowers, birds, etc..etc... I just love outdoorsy things.. :)

This is our pet spider...yes I said pet...evidently, Doug, yes I know, this is getting weirder by the minute...But anyway, our pet spider, Doug, has been living outside the corner of our garage for about 2 weeks now. He works so hard to build his perfectly round web each night in the same spot. Mommy has wanted to "destroy" Doug for many nights now, but Daddy says "we can't just get rid of Doug, he takes care of the mosquitos that fly around"....again...this is sounding weird...then what's even weirder...Mommy and Daddy took a picture of Doug and his web (see above)...but it does show how amazing mother nature and her little creatures a spider, eh-em, I mean Doug, can do such spectacular work is just astounding!

Check out these beautiful flowers we picked from our flower garden out front! We absolutely love looking at them!

This is a little praying mantis we found out front, you can't really see here...but he's missing a leg... I think he's so cute...and no, we didn't name him...ha!

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