Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Fun!!

Here is my dog, Dixie posing for the camara at my tree!

Me, Dixie and Sammy in my room hanging out!

I was trying on my Christmas dress!

Mommy took me to go see the new movie "Princess and the Frog"! I wanted to dress up like a princess to go see it so I wore this!! The movie was soooooo cute!! I highly recommend it!!

Santa Clause is Coming to Town!!

Santa Clause came to visit all the children in my neighborhood!! I was a little scared of him because of his big white hairy beard and white gloves! I did ask him for a computer and gum!

He was really nice and friendly just as I suspected!

He even brought special goodies for all the kids!!

Spohi and Me!

This is me and my girlfriend Sophi - she lives down the street from me and is extra cool! I'm 4 months older than her!

I love when she comes over to play with me at my house!

Here I am trying a delicious pink popcicle!


Disney Princesses!!

My favorite part of the show was the Disney Princesses!! They were soooo beautiful!

Disney on Ice!!

Nanny, Gammy, Aunt Heather, Mommy and myself all went to see Disney on Ice!! It was sooo cool!

My Nana and me enjoying the show!

LOOK!!! Princesses!!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse were soo cute and sparkly!!

November times

Hi family and friends! Here I am out to dinner with Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Heather, and Glenn. As you can see, I still enjoy posing for the camara!

My Aunt Heather and I!

Gammy and I enjoying a glass of wine! ha ha! Just kidding, mine is totally water but my Gammy and PawPaw got me some pretend wine glasses so I could be grown up!