Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Fun!!

Here is my dog, Dixie posing for the camara at my tree!

Me, Dixie and Sammy in my room hanging out!

I was trying on my Christmas dress!

Mommy took me to go see the new movie "Princess and the Frog"! I wanted to dress up like a princess to go see it so I wore this!! The movie was soooooo cute!! I highly recommend it!!

Santa Clause is Coming to Town!!

Santa Clause came to visit all the children in my neighborhood!! I was a little scared of him because of his big white hairy beard and white gloves! I did ask him for a computer and gum!

He was really nice and friendly just as I suspected!

He even brought special goodies for all the kids!!

Spohi and Me!

This is me and my girlfriend Sophi - she lives down the street from me and is extra cool! I'm 4 months older than her!

I love when she comes over to play with me at my house!

Here I am trying a delicious pink popcicle!


Disney Princesses!!

My favorite part of the show was the Disney Princesses!! They were soooo beautiful!

Disney on Ice!!

Nanny, Gammy, Aunt Heather, Mommy and myself all went to see Disney on Ice!! It was sooo cool!

My Nana and me enjoying the show!

LOOK!!! Princesses!!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse were soo cute and sparkly!!

November times

Hi family and friends! Here I am out to dinner with Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Heather, and Glenn. As you can see, I still enjoy posing for the camara!

My Aunt Heather and I!

Gammy and I enjoying a glass of wine! ha ha! Just kidding, mine is totally water but my Gammy and PawPaw got me some pretend wine glasses so I could be grown up!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I love Dixie & Sammy!

As much as Dixie and Sammy seem to get annoyed with me – I keep them so entertained!

Halloween&D.C. 003

Halloween&D.C. 004

I take Sammy on walks often when it is nice outside! He’s just my size and loves going walking with me!

Halloween Fun!

For Halloween I was Thumbalina Barbie! I had sooo much fun out trick or treating!! We started the day by going to the Fall Fest at our Community Center! Aunt Heather, PawPaw, Gammy, Mommy and Daddy all came too! I rode horses, ate hotdogs and candy apples, and got to jump in Gigantic Inflatables! It was sooo much fun!! I especially loved riding horses! After that we went back home and had a big taco dinner with our neighbors. The neighbors across the street came over with their two kids, Gracie (2) and Caleb (3) and we had soft tacos, dips, enchiladas, hard tacos – IT WAS YUMMY! Later my friend Sophie (2) and her Mommy, Daddy and PawPaw came over to join us! We all went trick or treating together! Mommy had all of us dress up! Mommy was a flower with bees on her head, Aunt Heather was a bumble bee, Gammy & PawPaw were Prom Queen and King, and Daddy was a Notre Dame fan, Dixie (our dog) was a witch with green hair and Sammy was a little devil! Our neighbors dressed up too! It was fun! Around 6:30 we headed out to start the trick or treating!! You better believe I was sooo excited to get some candy!! I ate so many M&Ms along the way! Overall the night was soooooo much fun!! Now I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving!!

Halloween&D.C. 074  

Halloween&D.C. 058 Halloween&D.C. 015

Halloween&D.C. 066 Halloween&D.C. 075

As you can see, I was quite eager to get started with the Trick or Treating!!

Halloween&D.C. 071

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What's Going on in the little World of Rylee?

Guess what! Guess what! I got a new "BIG GIRL" bed!! It's a Tinkerbell bed with a beautiful canopy! This is a picture of me after my first night in it! As you can see, I made my way to the opposite end of the bed and was so comfortable that I have one foot hanging off the bed. It's great!

Guess who is POTTY TRAINED!!!!!??? ME!! yay!! Here I am sitting on my potty. After months and months of my poor Mommy and Daddy trying, I finally did it all by myself! And I get special gum every time I use the potty! No more diapers! Big girl panties! What could be better!! So good!!

Mommy and I went to the beach with Mommy's friend Lori from work. She has 2 girls named Jaylen and Jillian who are 8 and 9 years old. We had soo much fun!
Just catching some sun out on the beach!
After a long day on the beach and a long night of shopping!
Here I am with Jillian, Jaylen and Lori at Broadway at the Beach.

Here I am getting ready for my pre-school class! It's so much fun! I even pick out my own clothes and tell Mommy how to do my hair. It's fun to make decisions on my own!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Progress Report!

Hi Friends and Family! Just wanted to give you a quick update about my school! I'm moving into the Older Twos room Monday (Aug. 10). I'm still working on potty training.
My progress report from school says "Rylee is really coming out of her shell and we are excited about it. She has a bubbly personality and loves to make people laugh".
Oh and did you know that my blog is officially 2 years old now! Mommy and I were flipping back to when I started it at 6 months old! I've changed sooooo much!
I miss you all and send you lots of love and kisses! I'm having a great summer and I hope you are too!

Happy Birthday to my Mommy.....

Celebrating Mommy's Birthday!!

Aunt Heather and me cheeesing!

Mommy's cake was delicious!

Mommy and I enjoying our dinner at Bravos

My Aunt Heather, Nanny, Mommy and Me
Us girls

I took this picture of Mommy! Say cheeeeeeeeese!

Aunt Heather joined us for Mommy's birthday and my half birthday!

Window shopping on my Daddy's shoulders!

Let the fun begin!

I love my Daddy!

Funny Girl!

Watch my eyebrows.

NC Zoo!


Stopping to enjoy some lunch at the zoo!
I love birds!

And lunch is GOOOOOD!!!!

The gorillas were really fun to watch!

This ostrich came right up to us - he looks really funny up close!

My favorite part about the zoo are the "ephalants"

Some of the kids at the zoo need to be on a leash!

"Daddy what are those?"

Daddy and me checking out the zebras