Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Progress Report!

Hi Friends and Family! Just wanted to give you a quick update about my school! I'm moving into the Older Twos room Monday (Aug. 10). I'm still working on potty training.
My progress report from school says "Rylee is really coming out of her shell and we are excited about it. She has a bubbly personality and loves to make people laugh".
Oh and did you know that my blog is officially 2 years old now! Mommy and I were flipping back to when I started it at 6 months old! I've changed sooooo much!
I miss you all and send you lots of love and kisses! I'm having a great summer and I hope you are too!

Happy Birthday to my Mommy.....

Celebrating Mommy's Birthday!!

Aunt Heather and me cheeesing!

Mommy's cake was delicious!

Mommy and I enjoying our dinner at Bravos

My Aunt Heather, Nanny, Mommy and Me
Us girls

I took this picture of Mommy! Say cheeeeeeeeese!

Aunt Heather joined us for Mommy's birthday and my half birthday!

Window shopping on my Daddy's shoulders!

Let the fun begin!

I love my Daddy!

Funny Girl!

Watch my eyebrows.

NC Zoo!


Stopping to enjoy some lunch at the zoo!
I love birds!

And lunch is GOOOOOD!!!!

The gorillas were really fun to watch!

This ostrich came right up to us - he looks really funny up close!

My favorite part about the zoo are the "ephalants"

Some of the kids at the zoo need to be on a leash!

"Daddy what are those?"

Daddy and me checking out the zebras