Monday, January 31, 2011

4!! YEARS!! OLD!!

Rylee officially turns 4 years old tomorrow! ~(this is her official last picture as a 3 year old)~

But we had an early Birthday Party since my birthday falls in the middle of the week! I requested that Princess Belle attend my party! And what a magical time it was! This wasn't just your "come have cake and watch me open my presents party" - this was THE event~ Princess Belle came and she sang, she danced, she let the girls play musical instruments, she played games with us, she let them twirl fancy streamers, she sang Happy Birthday to Rylee and crowned me with my very own little special princess crown!

Belle arrives at the party....all eyes are on her...I'm up front and center to catch all the excitement!

All my friends came and joined in on the fun!

Blowing out the candles on my beautiful Princess cake (topped with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Belle) ~Ofcourse it was chocalate with extra frosting!!!

The magical moment...when Belle gives me my crown and has a special dance with me!
With her sweet voice, fantastic personality and enthusiasm - it was truly an enchanted party!

Here is a little video from the party of Belle singing to us girls!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful Princess, Rylee! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!

broken foot

I'm sure the title of this blog has you a little worried...

Let me paint the picture for you..we were out for our afternoon dog walk on a "soon to be snowy day" - Daddy had Dixie, I had Sammy, and Mommy, well she was walking for two. So anyway, we're off...all of a sudden, Daddy steps off the side walk right at a storm drain and we thought he had just twisted his ankle slighty...I mean for heaven's sake..there wasn't even any snow on the ground! But poor Daddy fell to his knees in pain yelping "Oh NO, it's broken". Poor Mommy and I didn't know what to do - so we took off running *side note: Baby Mackey was probably very shaken up at this point* and we got the car to go back to get Daddy. When we returned he was layed over in the grass holding his foot...poor Daddy.
So we get home, and with no experience with broken bones, Mommy and Daddy frantically called around some places to see where we were supposed to take Daddy (who at this point couldn't stand on his foot) *Another side note: it began pouring snow*
So we finally figure out to take Daddy to the Sports Medicine and Orthopedics Clinic After Hours Urgent Care....we expected a full out waiting room but to our surprise we got right in! Daddy had indeed cracked a bone in his foot - and for a 3 year old seeing Daddy's bones of his foot on a computer screen was quite amazing....
So they bandaged Daddy's poor foot up with a walking boot and gave him some crutches..*Now, it was snowing pretty heavily*
We got home, doctored up Daddy and I wrapped his foot with every baby blanket I could find in my room. You know, the easiest way to heal a broken foot is to wrap the foot in like 14 blankets. ;) - so I thought....
Daddy's foot is healing...for now it has a really cool greenish/yellow bruise on it...and to think this wasn't even weather related...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I had a Very Merry Christmas...and loved the snow!

I didn't want to overwhelm you with our many hundreds of Christmas pictures...
so I chose one that showed my excitement before Santa's arrival!
Well...we had a wonderful Christmas...hope you did too! We had 3 days of gifts and food! It was wonderful! I got everything I asked for....and then some...

Our new baby that is due in May is growing quickly! Mommy is 20 weeks now! She's doing well and her appetite is starting to pick up.

Daddy doesn't have to go back to work until Monday Jan. 3! It has been wonderful having him home everyday since Dec. 23! Daddy is so much fun to play with...I've even had him playing Barbies lately!

and then for the snow...WOW!! SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS!! How exciting!

We played, we built snowmen, we made snow angels, we sledded, we ate snow, we rolled around in snow, we threw snow balls, we dug holes, I mean it was SNOW SNOW SNOW!

until next time...HUGS!