Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Just Dance"

I really really love dancing! Mommy and I spend some time everyday listening and dancing to music!

In this video, I'm trying to get Sammy to clap and dance with me - then at the end I say "Look Daddy, Look"

Hear me Laugh!!

I love balloons! So, Saturday night - Mommy and Daddy got some balloons out...just check out how much fun I had with them!

I'm a future hair-stylist!

Taking after my Great Aunt Susie who seems to be the hair-coloring specialist of my family - here I am doing Aunt Heather's hair.

She was reading my coloring books while I talked to her about shampooing.

"Be still" - sometimes Aunt Heather would pull her head away while I was brushing but I reminded her to be still.

"Mmmmmmmmmm now this product your using smells fantastic"!

Excercising with Mommy

I like imitating Mommy when she's working out to her excercise tapes.

Stretching - as you can tell, I'm quite dramatic.

Lots of Snow!!

It was super cold! So Mommy had me bundle up so tight that I couln't move!

This stuff is cold!

Dixie loves when it snows!!

Playhouse Disney

Mommy, Aunt Heather and I went to Playhouse Disney! It was super fun! Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse and Little Einsteins were there!

I got a really cool new cup!

I loved when they all came out together and sang!

My First Hair Cut

Here I am at my first hair cut and I wasn't quite sure what to think! Mommy and Daddy said my hair was becoming "un-manageable" and my bangs were hanging in my big brown eyes so they decided to get my hair trimmed up a little.
I got some freshly styled, big, swoopy bangs and some layers in the back.

My hair dresser and I discussed Elmo and some other toddler issues of today's time and she was great!! She was so peppy and spunky!

See what I mean! She was pretending to dry her eyebrows after she styled my hair! It was a great experience. And I must say I'm really digging this new do!