Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dancing at the Pool ~ (sure to make you smile)

At the Community Pool Party - I had a blast showing off my dancing! People were clapping and smiling at me! I even got my picture taken a few times!!

"A, B, C......"

I can sing my ABC's!!

Pool Party!!

Today we had our annual pool party in our community! It's always so much fun getting together with neighbors and friends to hang out! We had hot-dogs, games, and dancing ~ along with pool fun!! Here I am cheesing with my cool friends that live next door - Delaney and Rylie.
I was getting ready to dance!


Here's me and Sammy playing in Mommy's "homework chair". He doesn't seem to mind me holding him and chasing him around - but Mommy says he's probably used to it.

Playing at Alamance Crossing

Yes, I wear my sunglasses at all times.
Mommy, Daddy, and I went out to Alamance Crossing in Burlington and enjoyed some shopping and playing around! They had a really nice playground!

I love my Daddy!

I spent Father's Day with my amazing Daddy! I love him soooo much! Here we are eating at Olive Garden! He's soooo much fun!

The Bark Park!

Mommy and I took Sammy to the Bark Park in Greensboro. It's a big park! They have big gated in areas for small, medium, and large dogs! Sammy enjoyed playing with many of the dogs! I really liked getting to pet them! Then I walked Sammy around the lake and we enjoyed a warm Summer morning!
Chasing the geese was fun ~ except they were mean! One step too close and they would hiss at us! But I thought it was funny so I kept chasing them!

Monday, June 15, 2009

What happens when....

This is what happens when I play with make-up! Mommy and Daddy got their eyes painted up very pretty with green and black glittery eye shadows! I thought it looked very nice!
I don't think Daddy liked it too much!


First, you dip the wand in the bubbles very carefully.
Then, you blow really hard to make really big bubbles!

And repeat! It's that simple! Every morning Mommy and I play with bubbles in the back yard. I'd say we go through about 6 bottles of bubbles a week. Pretty ridiculous, I know. But hey, a girls gotta have fun!

"Strike a Pose"

Mommy and I busy playing in the kitchen. I was singing my ABC's and writing Daddy a letter.
I love when Daddy gets home! He plays all evening with me while Mommy goes to school!

I'm really into the camara lately! I love to "strike a pose".

Aunt Heather's Birthday!

I'm really loving the camara lately!

We celebrated my Aunt Heather's birthday on Saturday! She's 24 now!

Ofcourse she needed help blowing out the candles!

After a long day at the pool - we ate and ate and ate! Then we had cake and brownies and icecream! YUMMY!

Fun with Family

Here I am posing with my Aunt Heather by the pool.

Nanny and I saying cheeeeese after a big ol lunch at our favorite place - SHIKI!!

Me, my mommy and my Aunt Heather.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

I Love Playing Outside!

Dixie, Penny (our neighbor's pup) and Sammy enjoyed the outdoors together

While Daddy grilled out the hamburgers and hotdogs, I enjoyed drawing some pictures.

Here I go chasing after all the dogs...

Very serious about my work.

Getting ready for bed...

But I'm not sleepy!

Sammy was getting sleepy

Us girls playing around

Pool Fun!

Me, and the neighbor girls: Rylie and Delaney enjoying some fun in the sun!

Time for a snack!

Daddy helping me out of the water

Aunt Heather and me say CHEEEEESE!

Learning to swim
I Love Jumping in the water!!

Daddy the sun is too bright!