Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random times with Miss Mackey

Look what we found in our backyard!!! A TURTLE!! Mommy and Daddy don't know how it got there since our yard is fenced in. And no we didn't keep it, Mommy says 2 dogs and a fish are plenty animals! We did take the turtle back down to the creek and left him there. At first I was scared to touch him but during our walk to the creek, I carried him close to me without dropping him.

As you can see by the excitement on Dixie's face, she loves to be tortured by me! I love to take her bones and treats and hide them. Then when she walks away, I pull on her tail. Poor Dixie didn't know life was so good until I came along!

Mommy and Daddy are going to the Notre Dame vs. Carolina game this weekend! Daddy is unbelievably excited! He can't stop talking about it! So Daddy, this is for the fighting Irish - We're # 1!!!!!!!!

Bur-Mil Park

Here we are yesterday spending the day at Bur-Mil Park. We had a big picnic and went for a long walk around the park. In this picture, I'm walking out on a fishing dock.

Daddy points out the fish to me.

Then we went to the playground - which I might add is always my favorite! I love the swings!

I was jumping off the ground to get to the slides!

Here I go down this big slide all by myself!!!

After a long day here, I was ready to go! I fell asleep quickly in the car.

Blowing Rock

We went to Blowing Rock this past weekend! It's a new tradition for us to go the first weekend in October. My Gammy and PawPaw joined us. We went shopping at the Tanger outlets for clothes for me. Then we went to eat at Nathanial Boone Inn. It was soooo delicious. It's like family style! They bring everything out at once and you eat as much as you like. I ate sooo much!

My Daddy and I. He's growing out his beard so he looks a little different - he says it brings luck for the fighting Irish! Go Notre Dame!

Here's Mommy and me.

Mommy and I sharing some laughs. Apparently she thinks it's hilarious when I sound like a frog.