Saturday, July 11, 2009

Days of the Week!!

Look what I learned at school!! I can sing the days of the week! I'm growing up so much and getting really smart!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dancin the night away!

After the fireworks and parade ~ we went back and had a big cook out at the neighbors house. We played games and danced and ate! It was sooo much fun!! I didn't go to bed until 11:00! The video is a little dark but I'm in the striped dress.

4th Of July FUN!!!

My Daddy and me!
Mommy and me - we're so festive!

So glad my Aunt Heather joined us for fireworks and spent the day at the pool with us!

D and R and me walking to lunch!

Look!! I got a pretty butterfly painted on my face!
Ofcourse I had to do a little dancing for everyone!
Mommy's camara doesn't do justice to how beautiful the fireworks were!
I enjoyed running around and dancing!
My neighbor, H - she's oodles of fun! Sitting out with friends to see the fireworks!
Aunt Heather and Daddy relaxing in the sun ready for fireworks!
I got a little scared at first of the fireworks so my sunburned Mommy covered my ear so it wouldn't be so loud
Then I was brave enough to lay out with D to watch the fireworks!
I loved the horses and carriage at the parade!
After the parade with D and R - we had so much fun walking downtown!
D and R taught me how to make funny faces! CHEEEEESE! Here's my funny face!

I got to hold a sparkler!
I was all decked out ready for the Fireworks!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What will I be....

Mommy and I spent the day at the Children's Museum in Greensboro. I had fun exploring!
Will I be a police woman?A professional checkers player?

A chef!
A construction worker?A builder?
A babysitter?
A pediatrician?
A nurse?
A dentist?
A cashier?

I had a busy day playing around!

Backyard BBQ

Sunday night we had a backyard BBQ with our friends, Kati & Billy. They will be moving to South Korea later this month because Billy got stationed there. We will miss them lots! I had so much fun playing with them!
They were so much fun! We played bubbles, wrote on the sidewalk with chalk and Daddy made yummy hamburgers and hotdogs for all of us!
Billy is so funny and REALLY tall!!Here I am with Kati - Mommy's long-time friend from Sagebrush! We're gonna miss them!