Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th Of July FUN!!!

My Daddy and me!
Mommy and me - we're so festive!

So glad my Aunt Heather joined us for fireworks and spent the day at the pool with us!

D and R and me walking to lunch!

Look!! I got a pretty butterfly painted on my face!
Ofcourse I had to do a little dancing for everyone!
Mommy's camara doesn't do justice to how beautiful the fireworks were!
I enjoyed running around and dancing!
My neighbor, H - she's oodles of fun! Sitting out with friends to see the fireworks!
Aunt Heather and Daddy relaxing in the sun ready for fireworks!
I got a little scared at first of the fireworks so my sunburned Mommy covered my ear so it wouldn't be so loud
Then I was brave enough to lay out with D to watch the fireworks!
I loved the horses and carriage at the parade!
After the parade with D and R - we had so much fun walking downtown!
D and R taught me how to make funny faces! CHEEEEESE! Here's my funny face!

I got to hold a sparkler!
I was all decked out ready for the Fireworks!

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