Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zoo Trip = WAAAAY HOT!

Mommy, Daddy and I went to the zoo last Friday..... it was waaaaay too hott! My momma is crazy for thinking it was "perfect weather"...but on the contrary, we had a splendid time!! They have a 4D Dora and Diego show which was THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER!! The seats vibrated, water sprayed from the ceiling, we wore 3D glasses, (catching breath), I mean it was sooo real! Mommy and I watched it twice! (I think Mommy liked it as much as me!) Oh, it was oodles of fun!

OK, So yes we went to the zoo...and we saw every animal you can imagine! Well except there were no hippos, zebras, or tigers...but on the positive note..the ELEPHANTS WERE THIIIIIS BIG! (see below...*wink*)

I loved watching the snakes...weird I know, but Daddy and I find them sooo facinating! Touching them...well that's another story (ugh! way!)

Look! They have a new honey bee exhibit at the zoo! YOWZA! Gotta be careful here folks! These bees are real and yes they sting! But out of the thousands of bees ~ I FOUND THE QUEEN BEE!! See the one in the pic with the green dot? Well that's her! And you know what we learned, this momma lays like a thousand eggs a day! Whew! Poor thing!
Ok...kisses and hugs...

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