Monday, February 6, 2012

and then...she was 5

I began my blog when this girl...was 6 months old...and now, just look at the young lady she has become..

We celebrated her 5th birthday on Feb. 1...manicures, icecream, cupcakes, new clothes, hugs, and lots of giggles...I can't believe she's 5 now.
My word, when they say the years fly, they surely do.

Even Reese(y) baby got in on the fun as we made our own versions of balloon animals that turned out more like balloon blobs.
Nevertheless, it was enjoyable.

And then we partied...Rock-n-Roll style, that is.

With some special guests & lots of friends & family 

lots of yummy goodies from popcorn and rock candy, to veggies

a homemade birthday cake...because I'm loving this tradition
(I mean hey I'm no Ina Garten or Martha Stewart...but its all in fun)

a party just isn't complete without handmade, girly tutus
(seriously, easiest thing ever to make)

homemade chocalate and vanilla cupcakes with personalized cake toppers

And the birthday girl..

I love these little girls..

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