Sunday, January 29, 2012

let it be spring?

Mk, this weather has got me so confused. I mean one day we are freezing to death because it drops to 40 degrees (call us cry babies, but that's cold to North Carolina folk) and the next its nearly 70.
I can't take it anymore.

Ok, so, since we are having spring weather...mine as well make the most of it!
umm, yes, exactly what we did. We enjoyed the spring weather.

This is Reese's first playground experience since she was born.
We had so much fun. Just look at those sweet baby faces with the sunshine beaming on them.

Sweet moments in the making...

If its snowing where you live, I'd love to hear about it, even see a picture, and just know that I am super jealous. However, I hope you are safe and enjoying the snow. ;)


  1. What sweet moments!!!!! Love that last one!!!

  2. Oh yeah, it snows by us like every other day lol. But now it's about 50 outside and will be for a few days, then it will drop down. This back and forth weather crap makes my head go nuts!! Glad you're getting to enjoy warmer weather :)


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