Friday, January 20, 2012

mackey update...iphone style...

So I've been taking pictures like a mad woman with my new iPhone. I mean it's just ridiculous really.
 I'm an iphoneaholic.

If you wanna skip this reading, the pics are at the bottom of this post...

I haven't been keeping up on blogging. I'm horrible. Let me update you on the Mackeys...

So with the lil ladies....
Rylee is turning 5 in 2 weeks!!! Crazy right?? I know! So with the help of Pinterest, I'm planning a pretty cool little "Rockstar" party... but honestly for Rylee - as long as there are balloons and birthday cake, I'm "mommy of the year".
Also let me just brag about how smart she is...we've been working on sight words and the beginning steps to reading lately, and she's brilliant at it. Sure, every parent thinks their child is the next Albert Einstein, heck I know mine thought that about me, but it just amazes me everyday to watch her learn...
Our little Miss Reese got her first black eye :( poor baby girl - 8 months old and thinks she can walk... instead leads to tears and bruises. I can't even take her in public for fear someone will think I did it.
On a happier note, she's little miss curiosity- Rylee was "slow" to reach baby milestones. I mean she wasn't walking until she was 14 months!! And my Reese is already attempting it! My big/baby girl.
Reese is still a "booby baby", if you will, and getting her to eat solid foods can still sometimes be a challenge...I think she has a boob addiction. And I don't think I'm alone here, several chicks from our boob school are dealing with this too.

Everyday I'm wanting to freeze time and just hold onto every minute. I try to capture each one of our days in picture and in their journals I've made for each of them. I strive to record every milestone, every funny moment, every "first times". I don't want to forget any of it, ever.

As for me and the Mr. - we're perfect. I swear I love him more everyday.. Our children are so lucky to have him too.

I've been upping my cooking skills lately! Trying out new recipes, and such!! It's awesome! And with this phone - seriously, I'm waiting on it to cook the food for me!!
I'm also working on sewing some Barbie clothes's a work in progress.

We're planning vacations, Birthday parties, and enjoying these cold days together...making memories...

Update complete...I promise I blog more.
Happy weekend!

pictures update...

Reese pulling up...

...birthday lunch with Gammy...

this is love

my big girl who is in love with lipstick and eyeshadow lately

happy baby in the grocery store...I'm lucky, because everytime I go to the grocery store, I see screaming babies
 (Great, I just totally jinxed myself)

playing at the dentist office...4.4 years of perfect teeth for Rylee

my new favorite pic of the little ladies....seriously, the attentiveness and love from Reese as she watches in such awe of her big sister, Rylee - who is "so serious about her music"

definetly Mommy's girl...for now...well, except when she sees her Daddy walk through the door...
What can I say, theses little girls love their Poppa


  1. Oh girl, I think anyone who owns an iPhone is an iPhone-aholic. They are SO addicting...and amazing! =)

    Your comment about your hubby is so sweet. I hope I have that someday!

    Happy Saturday!

    megs [at] Shine On

  2. iphones = perfection. That camera is the best!!! love your blog!!!

    Classic & Bubbly


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