Friday, February 6, 2009

Post-Op Updates!

Here's a picture of my little bandage from where I had my cyst removed. Everything went great this morning! My morning began with getting woken up at 5:15am so we could leave for my surgery. The whole way to Brenner's Children's Hospital I sang along with my Imagination Movers c.d. I was in a really good mood! I was greeted at the hospital by Nanny, Aunt Header, Gammy and PawPaw. My surgery was scheduled for 7:48am - so while I waited, I made a few friends with some of the other youngsters there who were awaiting their surgeries. I was called back - Mommy and Daddy went with me to get changed up and ready to get taken back with Dr. David. I met the anesthesiologist who kept picking with me getting me to give him high fives then was greeted by Dr. David who let me ride in a fancy little car back to the neatly kid decorated operating room. On the way back, I waived at everyone and gave everyone lots of smiles. I didn't even cry on the way back - I was too busy showing off! Within 25 minutes Dr. David called Mommy and Daddy to let them know I was all finished up and that she removed a cyst the size of a lima bean and a little bit of the bone that it was attached to. Only one parent is allowed back when you are in the recovery room - so Mommy came back to see me. I was snuggling with Tara, my nurse, who really fell in love with me. I didn't shed a tear - I saw Mommy and sat in her lap while she rocked me a little while and gave me some apple juice and before you know it, Tara was discharging us! We left the hospital about 9:30am and went out for breakfast because I was REAL hungry! I can't believe they didn't want me to eat or drink for that long of time! So my family and I headed on over to McDonalds where I enjoyed a lovely egg biscuit, hashbrown and some chocolate milk! It was a great day! Thanks for all your prayers! As Nanny said this morning - I woke up with angels dancing in my heart!

You can't even see it can you?!

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