Wednesday, January 23, 2008

School Day!

Here I am telling Mommy about my 1st day at school...

On January 14th I started my new school, Apple Tree Academies! Let me just tell you about my first day...First, Mommy and Daddy drive me to this very strange place around 9:30am where I see LOTS of kids and other Mommys and Daddys walking children in. So then they take me inside to this classroom with lots of little babies - screaming babies but very cute. So I quickly begin mingling with the other kids my age and turn around to see Mommy with tears in her eyes and Daddy holding her hand. They give me a kiss and say "see you this evening". I spent most of the day looking for her because it's very odd to spend a day without Mommy. But, at 4:30, here comes Mommy with a big smile on her face, I waive to her and smile back. She quickly scoops me up and kissed me a bunch of times. Little does she know how much I enjoyed my day. I ate a grilled cheese sandwhich, vegetable soup and apple sauce. I took a 2 hour nap which is rare for me, but those kids wore me out! I listened and danced along to music. It was a very layed back day and I really enjoyed it! My teacher, Miss Carmen is super sweet and made me feel right at home.

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