Wednesday, August 8, 2007

How I spend my day

I start my day around 7:00am with oatmeal and mixed fruit and a bottle ofcourse. Then I play with my toys in the floor for a little bit. After that I'm off to work with Mommy. During the 45 minute car ride I usually nap and listen to my c.d.'s. When we get to work I usually play with toys and books then eat again at 10:00am. Then nap time for me! I wake up and have some tummy time then Mommy puts me in my swing for a little while. (I really like helping Mommy when she has a lot of papers all over her desk, I clear them off for her!) Then I eat again at 1:00pm and watch Baby Einstein. Mommy and I leave work at 3:00pm and run any errands then head on home to play with the puppies. Then, I watch cartoons while Mommy does a few things around the house (she really keeps everything spic-n-span for me)! Then we play again and Mommy reads me books because she knows how much I love them! Then at 4:00pm I eat again and this time I usually have one of my favorites, squash or carrots, (or something else because Mommy and Daddy want me to be healthy). Then I'm off to play with Daddy while Mommy gets some time for herself. Daddy makes me laugh a lot and gives me lots of tummy time for my neck muscles. Then I'm off to take a bath at 7:30pm, this is my favorite!!! After bath, Mommy lotions me up and keeps me well groomed. Then Daddy feeds me again to load me up for the night. I'm off to sleepy town at 8:30pm. Most importantly, I get lots of diaper changes so I stay comfortable and fresh all day long!

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