Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Next Olympic Gymnist?

I started my Little Gym classes on September 3rd. Mommy and I go every Wednesday. We do things there like ringing bells, singing, jumping on mats, swinging on bars, walking on balance beams, play with bubbles and just enjoy being a growing toddler.

Here are my classmates. That's my teacher standing in the black shirt.

Here I am with Gabriella, I was showing her how big girls jump off the mats.

Don't try this at home.

They call me Smiley Rylee because they say I giggle and smile a lot. I'm just a happy girl!

I was putting on a show for my class - showing them how to dance, clap and jump on this mat.

See me in the pink? This is called parachuting. All the kids get in and the Mommys walk us around for a ride then slowly lift us in the air. It's pretty fun, I was the first to jump in.

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