Monday, November 3, 2008

Gobblins and Ghosts and Witches! OH MY!

It's the wicked witch of Greensboro! Thought I'd tell you all about my Halloween fun!

When are we going trick or treating!!!?

Here I am with my neighbor friends getting ready to go - these girls are pros at this so I thought I'd tag along with them.

With my Elmo basket and my witch hat on, I was ready to get the trick or treating started! I was very eager to go to each house and get some candy, I even tried to walk in a few houses. I wouldn't let anyone put any candy in my bucket, I preferred to do it myself!

Here I am with Daddy hurrying to the next house! And seeing all the kids dressed up was cool too! There were lots of princesses and supermans.

"Mom can I eat this now?"

Like I mentioned before, no one was gonna get their hands on my Elmo bucket or my candy!

We did run into a few somewhat scary creatures, like this guy. He decorated his entire garage like a haunted mansion! Still, I saw the candy and had Daddy take me in.

The best part was getting to enjoy some of my candy! The suckers were my favorite! Don't worry Mommy and Daddy only let me have one.

Man, theses things are good!

Halloween was lots of fun! (especially getting lots of candy!)

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