Sunday, May 2, 2010

wow....its been a while!

Hey Friends and Family! It's been far too long I know, but trust me I have been sooo busy lately! Let's see....first I will update you on my birthday... So as you know I turned the big 3! Hard to believe, isn't it!? I had a really fun Dora party (because I'm a huge Dora fan, and insisted that my mother buy everything Dora)! It was fun to hang with my friends and family! I missed the rest of my family that were unable to make it. Mommy and Daddy made sure that my birthday was extra they always do!

Ok, so enough about my super fabulous party! Ok in March, Mommy and Daddy and I went on a little vacation to the beach...we needed some rest and relaxation! It was so nice and perfect weather! It was still a little too chilly for swimming but our hotel had really nice indoor heated pools and lazy rivers! So much fun!

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