Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A word I never get tired of hearing...Mommy...

As a mom, I worry, I hug, I kiss,
I scoot their little bodies up close to mine and snuggle,
I smile, I laugh, I cry when they are upset,
I play baby dolls, board games, peek-a-boo,
I make funny faces to make them laugh,
I know all their favorite things,

I. Cherish. Every. Moment.
I smell their hair, I rub their soft skin, I hold their little hands

I love Every. Single. Thing. About. Them.
I never want to miss a moment with them.
I comfort them, I teach them
I watch them learn, I show them new things
I love waking up to hear their little voices..

We paint, we color, we go on nature walks,
we play in the pool, we collect bugs, we dress up, we wear make-up,
we dance, we sing, we bake the biggest cookies, we watch movies,

But above all, I am their Mommy...and they are my heart
I. Love. Them. More. Than. Anything.

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