Saturday, July 30, 2011

its a Party! :)

Ever have one of those days where you wish you could cherish the moments forever?..

If you're like me...I'm the type of gal who tries to remember every detail, every person, all the "remember whens", every hug, all the "I love yous"...  
I try to forever etch them into that one day I can tell my little ones of all the wonderful times waaay back when..

Today was one of those days where we celebrated lots of family accomplishments and birthdays...poolside..(getting soaked even wearing street clothes....because we were dripping in our sweat getting splashed)

Cousins (Taylor and Rylee) played in the pool until they were seriously pruned...chatting and catching up...

Aunt Heather and Rylee enjoyin a cool dip

Daddy Mackey hestitating on doing a back flip but opted for a semi-cannonball? into the heavenly coolness...
A good ol fun fashion game of pool volleyball...notice everyone on noodles in the deep end...and they still won.....their prize.....killing bees that swarmed the pool..
 Pure...Bliss...again..FOOD and all tha fixins (it makes me drool just lookin' at this)!!

 Yummmmy, .........I mean this wasn't my plate because I clearly ate/inhaled a hamburger AND a hotdog, AND chips and dip, AND pickles, AND potato salad...seriously, don't judge...I'm not depriving myself of yummy delish-ous-ness!
How sweet is this?! I should have taken pics of the other 16, 4 other desserts we had...including peach cobbler......again, no pics of my plate were taken here because:
 number 1. it was devoured in like 2 seconds,
and number 2. I could ruin my reputation with a plate THAT size :)
A must have at any southern party... of ANY kind...SWEEEEET TEA!

Momma Mackey and Daddy Mackey stoppin for a quick devourment of food...

Rylee lookin oh so tan and not complaining about the massive mosquito bite on her neck...(yay! one meltdown saved....thank you Benedryl itch relief)
 Cousin Jen and baby Reese...hanging out...

 Aunt Jane and baby Reese...seriously Reese-y baby makes sleepin' look so precious 

Cousin Lorie and Reese-y baby relaxin

More cousins...poolin' and stylin'

 Daddy Mackey puttin on his "this party is totally rockin and I love every picture wifey is taking because she takes like 687 pictures every time we go somewhere" look...he loves me? No? :)

totally cute cousins

 Nanny and Aunt Susie...the hostesses of the party who are complete preciousness

 Reese's...and Rylee's absolute fav spot/chair.....PawPaw's belly...really, every child needs one of these...a sweet ol "Paw"

the most precious baby in the world..smiling because:
a. she plans on keeping Mommy and Daddy up all night?
b. she made a serious diaper that will only be changed by the coin toss loser?
c. because she thinks "hey I better just smile and get used to this camara being shoved in my face every second of my life"?

And, finally, ...oooh...ahh....the end to a perfect party

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