Tuesday, August 2, 2011


seriously, by the sound of every posts, you would think I'm a food critic or a food addict?

well, I'm not...I'm just a chocolate/sweets/sugar loving chick. 

We celebrated my 27th birthday (so there, that's an excuse for chocolate overloadin', right?) Speaking of chocolates...Mike brought me home some yummy, no INSANELY YUMMY CHOCOLATES!  I definetly could have eaten every single one of them..but don't worry I shared...

I celebrated with my 2 beauties...Rylee and Reese.

On Momma Mackey's bday, Rylee is exactly 1/2 a year older...you see this little snookums has been glued to me since the day she was born....and now just look at that precious grin of a growin little lady who will be in Kindergarten next year...(stay tuned for a "momma meltdown moment" post when that happens)
The first one up to wish me a Happy Birthday...Reese at 3:30am  - I know one day I will miss those moments of coos that say "oh maaama its time to get up and feed me because if not I will scream bloody murder and starve because I'm so skinny" so I never complain - her little smilin face when she sees me scoop her up and kiss those chubby cheeks and whisper "mama loves you" at wee hours of the morning makes it all worth it
My girls strapped in and ready to go for our Birthday outing
First, up: Reese had a 2 month check up on our special day together....our wittle binky boo boo weighs 14 pounds now!  ;) - we are so blessed with 2 healthy children ;)

For some reason, Rylee loves going to the Doctor when she knows she's not the one receiving the shots...

look at those pink lips...these are seriously some ridiculously good cupcakes yal

yumm yummm...chocalate with raspberry buttercream frosting...droolin' yet?

well, here, watch me eat it :)

only taking a quick breath from inhaling this cupcake for Rylee to get a snapshot

Another year older..and still not one gray hair  (I probably just really jinxed myself)..... But I do have...some stretch marks, a beautiful family, a heart full of love, fresh air in my lungs, my vision, arms to hug my loves, legs to chase the little ones, a kitchen stocked full of groceries so I never go hungry, and the blessings go on and on...
I'm a lucky girl..
I'm a happy girl..
And this certainly was a happy birthday..

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