Thursday, August 4, 2011

we brushed a goat

So, by the title of this're like what are those Mackeys up to now? Well, before I get started on goats....this week the little Mackeys and I have caught a cold, and in this lord its horrible..We already couldn't breathe before with the humidity and now with our stuffy noses, forget it..we're a bunch of snifflin', coughin' and sneezy peeps.
And little Reese did NOT feel good last night...look at that sweet baby finger holdin onto Daddy's finger. Pure Preciousness.
But we trucked on, as we normally do...nothing gets us down...and in the dead heat of summer, we sure ain't gon let a cold drag us down. :) So we posed for a quick pic before heading out to Natural Science Center
Look at this sweet face, and tell me you don't want to pinch those wittle cheeks (not mine.... Reese..hahaha)
 And my little booger, Rylee
 Ok, so we met one of Ry's pre-school friends at the Science they are watching the snakes...Rylee loves them! (she gets that from her Daddy, because I am deathly afraid of them, as most normal people are)
 She called this Cottonmouth snake, "sweetie"...I know....ridiculous.
Wanna see this "sweet" little snake eat a rat? Well, just watch this! You'll puke.

You can't see her expression, but see her touching the snake and she's smiling. Don't worry I explained to her that "when we see snakes in our yard or outside anywhere, we never, ever, touch them..blah blah blah...dangerous...blah blah...nasty...disgusting...blah blah sweetie?" (I'll call that my good mother moment of the day :))
 And here's Reese-y baby watching my every move as we ventured through the place...don't worry, she didn't touch any snakes ;)
I just thought this peacock was pretty...I'm random
 The girls riding a giant beetle around the zoo part
 And my favorite, this sweet little "dwarf goat"... who got a good ol brushin from us

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