Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm a wee bit paranoid...

 As a parent, I am extremely protective over my children. Since the day Rylee was born, I have disliked taking her out in public for fear of someone kidnapping her. (I know it sounds ridiculous and a little OCD, but it's true) Something about luggin' a big ol carseat around just makes me nervous and an feel like an easy target. I even have a "going out with the kids purse" (that I've owned since I was probably 13)...its one of those that you wrap over your shoulder around your back so that if someone were to rob me, they'd have to rip it off my body to take. Again, I know this sounds like super paranoia...

When Rylee started walking, my fears settled a bit and I wasn't the "frantic paranoid mama". But....along came baby #2 and the overly protective, crazy, and totally paranoid mama came back! And now...with 2 kids...its reaalllllll bad! Seriously, this is our routine (Target trip example)...
1. mama parks, wraps that "going out with kids purse" over shoulder, (after double checking all zippers are secure...)
2. both kids still in car...
3. lock all doors
4. mama moves to back of vehicle, proceeds to unlock doors... to open the trunk door to get out stroller
5. mama gets Rylee out, escorts her to Reese's side of vehicle, (requesting that she "holds onto mama til I get sissy out")
6. mama gets Reese and carseat out and manages to get them into the stroller
7. begins to move away from vehicle after clicking the lock button approximately 6 times.

And that's just getting out of the vehicle, it's way worse for when we have to get back in. I know it sounds a bit silly, but all I can think about are precious little ones who are ripped from their parents while shopping, or checking the mail, or getting off the school bus...etc... I just couldn't imagine.
Now, I know I just should try not to think about it, but it's not that easy. My children are irreplaceable as any child to a mother I take every precaution to keep them safe....even if that means one day they talk about what a crazy paranoid mama I was.

Now, look at these precious babes....

xoxo, Happy Friday

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  1. hey christi! awesome family blog, beautiful girls!(if we have another girl, reese is the name, love that name!!) so thanks for becoming a follower of my new! :) if you would like to be a contributor, email me!! myskoop(at)gmail(dot)com. i'd loooove a north carolina reviewer!! if you'd like to know more about me and my fam, my family blog is mykidssayimsilly(dot)blogspot(dot)com. then you can see i'm not a crazy person, lol. just a mom with 4 kids and a start up the most awesome mom site in the world!!!! :) thanks for your comment on blogfrog-super sweet!

    p.s. i am JUST as paranoid as you! i do the same things!


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