Wednesday, August 31, 2011

girls' picnic

How do we spend these cooler days lately (and by cooler, I mean 88 degree days)?
Well, we pack up and head to the park for some picnic'n and playtime!

What better way to wrap up our summer than some picnics at the park. Soon, Rylee will be heading back to preschool, and it will just be Reese and I...It's gonna be quiet around here without Rylee chit-chatting with me every moment of the day....
But Reese will be good company.
We chat about all things girly while we munch our sandwiches...
Reese joins in but doesn't get any sandwich
ofcourse we pose for some cheesy pics
And Reese stares down a sandwich, poor thing.
We enjoy some shade and make pictures out of the clouds
Rylee takes random pics of our things
We feed the ducks our leftovers
Ummm, this duck needs a bath.
Reese being naturally adorable.

So, while we were at the park, I notice several other moms with their little ones. Now, normally I'm not one to judge, (ok, who am I kidding, I judge everything) but...if you go to the park in 4 inch heels, a mini skirt, 2 cans of hairspray in your purse, and neon pink lipstick....then you are weird. For reals, I should have taken a picture of these chicks. It was like a "Stripper Gals Mom Club". Seriously disturbing.
I love picnic'n with my little ladies..

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