Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2 miles...popsicle?

So...something us Mackeys do together basically excercise..we go for a walk and then we do Insanity...a "make you puke work-out" (For real, click that link and you'll see what I mean). Anyway, we like to try to keep in shape (it's a work in progress yal). And we hope to teach our children healthy habits. Because hey, as much as I'd love to eat this, this, this and definetly this everyday for the rest of my life occasionally...I know that I shouldn't. So I try to eat right and excercise. 
Reese strapped in her stroller, looks like she's going on a helicopter ride....seriously it took us 20 minutes to get her strapped into this thing... 
Look yal, it's about to rain and we're still truckin' it. And Daddy Mackey is really thrilled about it, see his face? It clearly says "Wow, walking in a rain and thunderstorm will be the coolest thing I've done all day". And also, it looks like he's 3 feet taller than me, but no I'm not really that short, mk?
This clearly must have been the beginning of our walk because I hadn't sweated a drop yet :) 
Ummm, I know it appears that every pic I take of Mike, he has that "ahhhh yaaay I love pics" look - but between you and me, he knows that if he doesn't look at the camara and show some sort of enthusiasm, I'll nag him non-stop. (I explain to him "babe, come on, it's for the blog - and I get a sweet smile everytime) :) 
How could we not enjoy an evening walk with a view like know what it makes me think of...loved ones that are in heaven now...(my stepmom and grandmother....a blog post to come later about these precious women)...
We always have some really great conversations...Rylee here explaining to me that we'd better hurry home so we can eat a popsicle (hey, come on! we walked 2 miles...qualifying for a popsicle)

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