Friday, August 19, 2011

look who's talking...ok, babbling!

Now, if you know me, then you know I love love love to talk. I could chat for hours about pretty much anything....(trust me, ask my husband) I'd say I've pretty much always been a rambler, always enthusiastic, dramatic, and exaggerative. Hey, that's just me.  Now, Mike is more of a laid back, "chatty when I wanna be" kinda we make a lovely balance.
Well....Ryle e has followed in our footsteps. The kid truly could talk your head off...about is adorable. And might I add she has a little southern twang when she talks, making it even cuter....
 Well today...the most precious thing occurred...REESE began talking! (babbling) Yal, it was so cute!

She had her very very first playdate with a 5 month old baby (I know, she's only 13 weeks old, but it's important to socialize with others your own age). (Rylee's first playdate was at 7 months old).

She bagan this morning, chatting it up with Rylee....and ofcourse Rylee chatted back

As I got her dressed, she chatted, totally saying "mommy please put the adorable pink headband on me because it matches my shorts and makes my face look thinner"

She chatted as I held her to watch Rylee swing...

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