Monday, August 29, 2011

what makes her laugh?

Happy Monday!
Seriously, look at these cute faces.
Ok, so I definetly missed a "first" moment yesterday! Let me fill you in...
Reese had her very first chuckle! You know that baby giggle where they can't catch their breath because the funniest thing ever has just happened before their very little eyes?
Well, luckily Daddy Mackey witnessed it.
Reese was sitting on Daddy's lap...
Dixie was bringing her ball back to Rylee for the (probably) 910th time...ok, if you don't throw Dixie's ball within .2 seconds, she totally freaks out by barking.
So....what makes a baby laugh uncontrollably?
A. Barking. Dog.
Seriously folks, that's it.
Adorable? yes.
Please stay tuned, because umm yes I will totally be making Dixie bark all day to capture the moment.
Hope the neighbors won't mind. ;)

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