Saturday, August 20, 2011

Icecream Truck!

Ok, so call me a nerd....but yesterday was Rylee's very very first "icecream truck" experience! So, naturally I explained to the icecream truck man that I have a family blog where I blog about all our "firsts" and must document this special moment. He naturally agreed to be in this documentary. And he was so precious. He even gave Rylee a little box to stand on so that I could take some pictures without her feet being scalded by the black asphalt.
I remember ordering icecream from the icecream tuck man when I was a youngster! Such fun yanking dollar bills from your piggy bank then flagging down the icecream truck!
Even Mr. Icecream Man explained to Rylee that 50 years ago, he used to run after the icecream truck.

Us Mackey girls are very indesicive so we needed a good mmm 6-7 minutes deciding on what to order.  
Look at that icecream man posing for the picture too. Such a sweet man. (thank you Mr. Icecream Man for making my day)

Rylee made her selection, a fudge bar for $1.50

Then all the kids gathered around, we truly gave that Icecream Man some business.

It was a yummy little treat! 


  1. What a "sweet" post :o) You made such a precious moment with your family (and the ice cream man:) Thank-you for joining us at Me, You, and Creamed Corn... I look forward to the fellowship!


  2. I absolutely LOVE that you took her first ice cream truck picture! Every kid should have that documented. :D

  3. How far apart are your girls? they are so cute! i'm aiming for 4 years apart for our next one, how do you like the age difference?

  4. they are 4 years apart...perfect age difference for us! Rylee is such a wonderful helper! (and plus this gets one through college before the next!)


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