Friday, December 2, 2011


I've been meaning to do this post for quite sometime but unfortunately I didn't have any pictures of my Grandmother. until now.

This is my sweet Grandmother. She passed away when I was 10 years old but I still remember so much about her.
Her baking, crocheted Christmas ornaments, costume jewelry, her all white living room, and playing the organ.

She's beautiful. She's sweet. She loved me with all her heart. She gave the best hugs. She held me.
She's was my Grandma.
I get my craftyness from  her, my love of holidays and traditions from her, and my love of jewelry (definetly) from her.
Thinking about her makes me smile.
Thinking about her makes me think of some other super sweet grandparents I know...

I have been so blessed with the most awesomest of parent-in-laws.
Seriously, I've dated some real clowns in my life with mothers that I'd love to tell where they could go..
One in particular's mom who actually told me I "wasn't good enough for her son". bahahaha, looney tunes I tell you, anyway, I digress.

But when I met my Michael, I fell in love with his family too.
My mother in law is one of the strongest women I know. She is such an inspiration to me.
She's hard-working, beautiful, classy, and an amazing mother.
She's smart, a wonderful cook, encouraging, and loving.
My father in law is just as amazing.
He's got the answer to everything.

My children are extremely fortunate to have them as grandparents!
Sure, paw-paw allows M&Ms for breakfast, they let them stay up past bedtime, and buy them anything they want...
but that's what grandparents are for right? ...
to spoil, to love unconditionally, to cherish.
My children adore them.
My children miss them when they leave.
My children snuggle up close to them .

I remember being this way with my grandparents. Loving them more than anything in the world.
Packing up to go to their house for holidays, family gatherings, and just because visits.
I want the same for my children..

Rylee and her "Gam" ~ her Gam who lets her drink from fancy glasses, teaches her about cooking, and lets her help with planting/gardening. 

Reese and her Gammy....she will one day join in on all the fun but for now she's fine with just being held by Gam

Rylee and her PawPaw...who fixes booboos, makes cheese bread, and would do anything in the world for her.

PawPaw's arms...make them feel safe

Reese and Paw Paw...who tickles her with his mustache, blows bubbles on her feet, and lets her sit up on his belly

Another Grandmother I know, my mom....(the daughter of my Grandmother posted above)..

a mom who made everydays nothing short of special, gave me security, room to grow and the freedom to discover the world for myself, gave me friendship, faith, gave me dreams and the courage to believe in them..
She taught me to hold traditions dear and family close.

She's good hearted, she's helpful, she loves my children. And they love her...

She's known as "Nanny"
She spoils them. She hugs them.

She makes them smile.

My dad, their PawPaw Johnson

He plays with them. He cherishes our visits. He makes them laugh.
They love him.

I'm so blessed that my children have such wonderful grandparents, as I did.
I hope my children cherish all the times and memories they make with each of their grandparents.


  1. Oh goodness, these pictures are just precious! My parents will be grandparents for the first time in a few weeks when my sister has her baby and I know they are going to love and spoil that little girl so much :)

  2. im a new follower of your blog froom my unrehearsed life. ur blog is so cute

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