Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Month of Thanksgiving!
I'm thankful for so many many things...and one day just isn't enough to give
During the month of November, I've been writing down the things I'm thankful for each day...big or small...I've wrote them all.  
  1. Children and all the joy that comes with them
  2. food
  3. a home to clean and take care of
  4. rainy days that allow for snuggling up with the little ones
  5. Target because my house and life would be bare without it
  6. a job that allows me to be a stay at home mom...because God knows how much I love being with them
  7. heat...I'd be an ice-cube sometimes without it
  8. growing up in a small town, where no matter how old you are or when you return, its like you never left
  9. my ironing obsessed husband...whom I'd be a wrinkled mess without
  10. breakfast morning chats with the little ones
  11. veterans who fight for our freedom
  12. education because knowledge is power
  13. my 5 senses....sight to see those I love, smell to sniff the delightfulness of the holidays, taste to sample holiday treats, hearing because I can't get enough of holiday music, and touch so I can hug and squeeze my babies
  14. Spring weather on a Fall day
  15. growing up with a sister who is 10.5 months younger than me that I can share anything with....secrets, clothes, cars, jobs, money...God bless my parents for having us so close
  16. people that use manners, seriously polite people make the world go round
  17. rain boots, ponchos, umbrellas, and all other water protectant gear
  18. my Momma...and Daddy
  19. my little Reese who turned 6 months old on the 19th...after a year of hoping and praying for another baby, God blessed us with her
  20. non stop laughter and anyone with a sense of humor
  21. clothes and accessories because let's face it, we couldn't look cool without them
  22. health
  23. packing up and heading home for Thanksgiving with family to share some food, laughing, games, and memories
  24. holidays and traditions
  25. people that spread holiday cheer
  26. a camara to capture all the moments and smiles that I never want to forget
  27. friendships
  28. technology...I don't know how to function without
  29. quiet moments with my honey after the children are sound asleep
  30. prayer time, story time and devotions with my children

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