Wednesday, December 21, 2011

haha, best. Christmas. pictures. ever.

Warning: the pictures below will make you laugh and most of all, miss stone wash jeans.

My mom kept every single Santa picture from my first Christmas until I was 10 and emailed them to me!
This is the best Christmas gift ever...

Although I believed until I was little sister let the secret out. Unfortunate.

Nonetheless, these pictures bring back sweet memories.
I definetly love Christmas.
I definetly love Santa.
I'm smiling in almost every single one...because Christmas is amazing.

1984...that Santa makes me smile, he seems so cuddly.
1985...I'm guessing Rudolph's nose was so bright, this Santa needed sunglasses?

1986...purple puffy coats
1987..matching panda sweaters...

1989...I don't know what's cuter, my hand on my sister's leg or the hair cut...just call me "bangs" love these jeans right? how about the bangs....again? And where is Santa's face?

1991...the jeans, the perm, the precious holiday sweaters..everything about this pic says awesome.

1992..I know what you're thinking..."didn't they have these same adorable holiday sweaters on last year?" well, yes, yes we did. But this year we have stone wash jeans with a fanny Christmas patch.
And my's straight again!

1993...crimped hair. enough said.
jeans that maybe I bejeweled myself?
And is this the same sweater from 1991?

1994...rebelling against the traditional Christmas colors? yes.
but matching the socks with the sweater? always.

Hope your holidays are fun and full of special memories!


  1. These pictures are hysterical! Literally made me laugh out loud! How sweet that your Mom saved them for you!


    ps - thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. I love this post! Those pictures are soo cute! :)

  3. THESE ARE AMAZING! I need to fish out all my old photos...Hello Blackmail!!

  4. That's awesome that your Mom had all of these!!! How fun!!!!!


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