Friday, June 6, 2014

acts of love

It's become quite a norm to see animals stuck in the middle of the road...
What a perfect way to teach my girls about small acts of love.
We are a family that loves animals.
I don't believe in harming any of God's creatures. So, anytime I see a little animal in danger, I try to rescue it.
I've done this since I was younger. Once, there was a stray cat that came to our house. I missed a final to take that cat to the vet. I know, I know... don't pet stray animals. Well, I saved that kitty. My mom still has him to this day. Turns out he had some sort of torticollis (except I don't think they call in that in animals) and a severe respiratory infection.
He healed and is currently living a healthy life.
I've saved bunnies. Countless turtles. Dogs. And even snakes, yes, Even snakes.
I have such an appreciation for animals. They are helpless and innocent. Much like a children.
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unwakened" - Anatole France
Teaching my girls to love and respect all creatures, great and small.

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