Thursday, June 5, 2014

busy life

Ever get so wrapped up in the tasks of the day that you forget to slow down and enjoy it?

I'll admit it, we do.

Our mornings and evenings always seem like such a hectic time of fast pace, nonstop, go go go!

A typical morning with kids is:
I'm up at 5am, workout. Everyone else is up at 6:30am.
Lunches packed.
Teeth brushed.
Hair fixed - neatly.
Shoes on.
Feed animals.
Load car.
Then, we're off.

A typical evening with kids is:
Home by 5:30.
Dinner at the table.
Chat about the day.
Tend to animals.
Bath time.
Story time.

That's it. Sounds simple and probably like most households. But busy.
We maintain organization within our family because let's face it, my middle name is organization.

I'm a planner. Always.

Our lives have became much more organized:: I lay out the kid's clothes for the week. We prepare meals ahead of time. We pack lunches the night before. We have a chalk board of daily tasks. We have a calendar in the kitchen of events. We squeeze in fun things in the evenings like dinners out, icecream, pool time...

It's easy to always feel rushed. Like there isn't enough time in the day. Especially when both parents work 1st shift.

We have learned that our entire household is much happier and manageable when everyone slows down and gets to do the things they enjoy.

So... Stop. Breathe. Enjoy the beauty of your everyday life. Enjoy the sounds of children's laughter. Don't get caught up in the 5,000 requests at bedtime for more water, bathroom trips, and one more song. Let it be. Live life to the fullest and soak in every momemt. For one day, those moments will only be a memory.

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