Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mackey Pack is Back!

That was the longest break ever in blog posting, right? So the last time I posted was August of 2012... well, things have certainly changed!
Many people that know us think we should open a zoo. Our family loves animals. We have a turtle (Elizabeth), a geiko (Olivia), a ball python (Guiness), a hermit crab (Shelly), a hamster (Cheddar), 2 dogs (Dixie & Sammy), and a fish (Sebastian).
The kids have grown~  Rylee is 7 and Reese is 3!
I'm.. not going to say my age and Mike's in his mid-thirties.
There's Rylee, our first born: who is completing 1st grade and so intelligent. Rylee is our witty, serious, and giving child. She reads more than I do, loves journaling and drawing, helping in the kitchen, enjoys playing with friends, and gets excited for manicures and pedicures. She loves dresses and high heels. She's basically 7 going on 17. She is very mature and energetic. Very set in her ways and time/detail oriented. She loves animals of all kinds especially her pet hamster and geiko. Swimming would be her favorite sport; however, she plays soccer for her 3rd year now - 6 seasons.. 4 of them undefeated. She loves to make things for people and has a big heart.
Definitely a Momma's girl.

And then, there's Reese. Reese is our funny, spunky, never a dull moment child. She is in preschool. Reese loves bubbles, outdoors, dresses, dogs, and testing her parent's patience. She loves singing and making people laugh. She loves to cuddle and give hugs. She is full of energy and the girl loves food. Reese is into baby dolls, Dora and Frozen. She knows the lyrics to every Frozen song. She's a thumb sucker and a "nap anywhere" kinda girl. She's sweet and caring.
This one is her Daddy's girl.

Often, I am asked: "do your girls get along?"
Well, you would think being 4 years and 3 months apart, yes - however, it's a slightly different story here. Don't get me wrong, as with every family, there are good days and bad days. They get along for the most part but they bicker.. It's little things like "she's looking at me", "she has my tablet", "that's mine", "no it isn't, it's mine", "shes's not sharing", "why do I have to share"...
You catch my drift.
They do love playing together: baby dolls, dancing, singing, watching movies together. Reese will do about anything Rylee says because well, she wants to be just like her (for now anyway).
Regardless of the good and bad, I'll take them and I am blessed to call them both mine. 

Mike and I are going on year 8 of marriage and 11 years together. Marriage is a wonderful thing. I can't and don't ever want to imagine life without him. Has it been rocky? Duh, no marriage is perfect, unless you're the Duggar family. I'm certainly no marriage expert. I'm not even close. But I can tell you what makes ours work: respect and communication.
I once read that marriage is made up of:
* 2 people believing good wins over bad
* 2 people walking in each other's shoes
* 2 people living the love they promise

 Our new found hobbies are working out and running. We have ran some 5ks this year together and plan to do a half marathon before the end of the year.
I love journaling, eating healthy, and crafting. Mike loves playing golf, grilling, and pinterest. Ha!
 Life is pretty grand. Our family has a tons to be thankful for. We are beyond blessed.
We hope you will continue to follow our journey.


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