Sunday, June 8, 2014

meet Reese

Hi! I'm Reese but most call me Reese-y.
I'm 3.
I'm rambunctious. I'm funny. I'm optimistic and I like to be nude.
I hate waking up early.
I love everything outdoors. Bubbles are my favorite.
I think the world revolves around me most days.
I carry around a blue striped puppy, I call him, "puppy".
I love to eat. Everything. Eatings my favorite.
When I get upset, boy do I get upset. It takes a lot to calm me down.
I don't mean to be that way, I'm still learning to control and work through my emotions.
Sometimes I'm bossy. I think I get that from my Mommy.
My daddy is my favorite person. He loves to play puzzles with me.
I love riding on his back and copying his dance moves.
My sister tries to make me mad. I just try to be like her. I think she's really cool.
I especially love when we play house.
I like to do things in my own time. I feel out of control when something doesn't go my way.
I know this gets me in trouble but it's just how I am for now.
I go to preschool. I'm the youngest and the shortest in my class.
 I'm really smart and well behaved at school. I can let loose at home.
I love to paint.
Pink is my favorite color.
My best friends are all boys and most of my other friends are my sister's age.
I'm scared of flies. I'm scared of bees. I love dogs.

I'm clumsy. I trip and stumble over my own feet often.
I laugh a lot. I laugh at myself.
I like to talk in funny voices. It makes people laugh.
I'm very complimentary. I notice everything.

I'm happy.
I'm healthy.
I love people.
I really love jumping.

"Happy girls are the prettiest girls" ~ Audrey Hepburn

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