Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cheddar, our Hamster

Our sweet old fella, Cheddar, went to Heaven ~ Friday night.

Hamsters live such short lives. The maximum life span for them is about 3 years.
We had our little guy for about a year and half but he was already about 8 months when we got him.
Pets become part of your family. No matter what kind of animal they are.
You love them, care for them, and enjoy their company.
My heart always fills with much sadness when we lose a pet.
Animals can't express how they feel so we just assume we are making them comfortable in their last few moments of life.
I held our little hammy, Cheddar, while he took his last few breaths.
I talked with Rylee about what a fun animal he was and that all pets eventually die to be in heaven.
We buried him under a tree in our front yard so that his spirit can live through the tree.
Rylee put a little stone with a heart, over his grave.
RIP Cheddar

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