Thursday, September 1, 2011

back to pre-school...

Twas the night before school, when all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse (except for me because I was packing lunches)
The children had just passed out in Rylee's bed,
and I knew not to wake them, for it would be a dread.
~ok, enough of that~

these are some tired babies

Now look who is pumped for their first day of pre-school this year!
Just watching her get ready this morning makes me realize what a big girl she is now.

Here she is with her little friend Bryce - they've been pals since they were 2.

And here she is in class, she just walked right in and was happy to be there. (Which left me feeling happy because 2 years ago, she screamed bloody murder when I left)

Look at their little handwashing chart...adorable, yes? And Rylee knew just what to do.

Is my child the only one who doesn't like to disclose the details of her school day? Its almost like she thinks "its MY school day and I don't have to tell you a thing about it". So I have to ask 1 billion questions from "who did you play with?" "what did you read about?" "who did you sit with at lunch?" "did you use the potty?" "did you use manners?" "did you go to the library?" 
And admittedly, I sometimes bribe her to get her to tell me about her school day.
I know its ridiculous but I love to know how and what she did. So eventually she tells me, and I'm happy.

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