Friday, September 2, 2011

its a match....

I know, I know, yes I've become THAT mom. The mom that dresses her children alike....even though they are 4 years apart. 
(my sister and I (10 months apart) dressed alike everyday for like 12 years...if it wasn't the same color, you can believe it was the same pattern in opposite colors, which was totally adorable  ~ Thank you Mama ~)

 I find Rylee's size then the same thing in Reese's size and immediately I get a vision of them together (see picture below) in their matching attire... oooh, it just melts my heart.

 My sister pointed out to me today that Rylee is a diva and Reese is a little rock star.
Just look at my adorable baby....with her little mohawk.

And my diva with her bling bling aka jewelry

Now, if you don't know, my sister and I LOVE LOVE LOVE burritos. For real. Love them. Like love them so much we could eat them everyday. every meal. Ok, so a norm for us is devouring eating burritos at Moes. I should have taken pics of us eating them, but, well, mine was gone before she could even get a pic. But we did manage to take some shots of her with the little ones.
Oh. my. goodness., look she even got the "wear turqoise" memo. Adorable?
And Reese's face? well, she was probably upset from eyeing me inhale my burrito...while she sucked on her thumb. 

So precious.
On a further note, please notice the girl to the right of my sisters lovely head....see her? She looks really upset to be eating at Moes? 
my girls.

Ok, a little sneak peek at something I've been making for my etsy shop soon to open.......a 24" yellow flower cabochon necklace....
like it?


  1. what a beautiful family you have!
    & i love that pretty yellow necklace. can't wait to see what's inside your etsy shop :]

    thanks for stopping by my blog! what is your email address so i can email you the info on the blog/button swap! :]

    xoxo. ashlyn

  2. Thanks Ashlyn! my email is

    Can't wait to hear from you! :))

    <3 christi

  3. You have a beautiful family! Its adorable you dress the girls in the same outfits! Love the necklace too! Thank you for stopping by my blog - so lovely to 'meet' you xx

  4. This made me laugh -- my sister and I {5 years apart} were dressed alike for forever...we still laugh and groan at the pics! :) Such beautiful girls! And that yellow necklace is gorg!

  5. Confession:
    I stopped by your blog yesterday after your sweet comments on mine...and then I never had a chance to comment. It's called kids (sick kids, at that), life, know the drill.

    Thanks so much for adding me to your favorite blogs list! I'm truly humbled when I hear when people enjoy my blog so much.

    As for these cute girls of yours (precious!)...if my boys would let me dress them like twins, I would! Since I only have one daughter, I'm considering buying matching outfits for our new puppy. Ha!

    Sophisticated Steps

  6. I LOVE the necklace!! I just might need one!! ;)

  7. I think they look great matching! Following you too now! <3


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